YSP Oceania Webinar #Australia

IAYSP Australia hosted the first IAYSP Oceania Webinar on July 25, with the participation of 1580 people. Primarily organized by Daniel Meadows and Amon Watanabe, the theme of the webinar was, “The responsibility of youth in building a more peaceful Oceania.”

All spoke on the importance of youth in becoming responsible global citizens who take responsibility for their communities. Character education of youth was also strongly emphasized.

The keynote speaker was IAYSP International President Koji Matsuda. The opening welcome was given by IAYSP Asia Pacific President Prof. Richell Jalipa and further welcoming remarks made by Oceania Regional Director Rev. Yutaka Yamada. General-Secretary of IAYSP Oceania Amon Watanabe presided as Master of Ceremonies, and Ravie Malaza supported him as technical staff.
Local speakers involved: Daniel Meadows, IAYSP Oceania President from Australia; Ms. Ernestina Bonsu Maro, Radio Host of PMN Cooks Youth Show from New Zealand; Mr. Shaad Akbar, President of the University of the South Pacific Indo-Fijian Student Association from Fiji; and Mr. Hadden Seklii, the President of Palau National Youth Council from Palau.

The webinar concluded with a question-and-answer session as well as real-time polls.
Panelist and participant response was overwhelmingly positive.