What We Do

Peace Designer

Peace Designer is a 1-day learning program that mentors youth to conceive and design their own peace projects based on their individual strengths and youthful passions. Through partaking in the program, youth apply their energy and talent into helping address community-based concerns. Working in teams, participants prepare their peace projects for implementation through a step-by-step process of discussion and planning.

Peace Projects

Peace Projects

IAYSP promotes projects and programs supporting the United Nations in two ways. First, IAYSP promotes service projects to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We call these service projects “Peace Projects”. Youth and students can create Peace Projects by participating in a Peace Designer program.


S!NERGY (Students×Ideas×Energy) is an engaging and dynamic public speaking competition for students to share their projects and innovative ideas. Presentations, given during competitions, propose solutions to current social issues while being aligned to the UN SDGs. A group of distinguished judges from the community select the best presentation(s). The content and compassion of young minds and hearts consistently inspires the judges and audience.

Character Education

UNESCO defines youth as, “a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence and awareness of our interdependence as members of a community.” Character education provides a roadmap to help young people make this transition. A nurturing environment is established whereby youth develop their sense of independence and interdependence, and effectively promote strategies in protecting against HIV disease and making healthy and happy families.

United Nations International Days

IAYSP promotes projects and programs supporting the United Nations. Many UN International Days, International Youth Day, the International Day of Peace, the International Volunteer Day, the World Interfaith Harmony Week, are celebrated by our chapters throughout the world.


IAYSP promotes peace gatherings and events, meetings, forums, conferences, festivals, culture programs, and sports events, organized by youth. Our goal is to create peaceful communities and expand the culture of peace by making partnerships with other youth groups, schools, NGOs and governments.