YSP Musical Movement (Brazil)

IAYSP Brazil prepared the YSP Choir Activity during August. At first, the intention was to set up a virtual choir, to record a specific song called: “Start with Me” of the Vocal Livre group, with messages of hope and peace in this moment of world pandemic, but, since their performance date coincided with an event for peace called “Artists for Peace” that was going to be held by IAYSP Latin America, the choir turned into a project that would present music during the event.

In October, the choir changed few things and is now called the YSP musical movement. Singers, video editors, and instrument musicians work together in the YSP music movement, preparing musical performances and rehearsing three times a week.

Link to listen to the sing in the picture: https://www.facebook.com/ysplatinamerica/videos/786128625552546