Youth Peace Ambassador #Cameroon

The ceremony of nominations for peace ambassador in Douala started with the welcoming of the audience, the panelist and was later followed by the delegate of WOURI DOUALA. After the installation of all these officials, the ceremony started with the singing National Anthem and after the opening remarks given by the National President of YSP Cameroon Victoria Tching Bobe. After the opening remark, came the moment where the different panelist present were given the opportunity to talk on how to promote peace in the society. The secretary general of Women’s Federation Cameroun Mrs. Lua Koakou, spoke about the responsibilities of the woman in the family and the importance of having a family as a woman. She on the responsibilities of a woman in the family and the society.

The second panelist was the Honorable senior parliamentarian Mrs. Ngo Roland, she said that even if as a youth, not having parents or guardians is not an excuse to live a wayward life. We all should exploit our youthfulness in a right way. Also Mr. Madwing Kwedi he said violence towards women should not be justified by putting the blame on women. A relationship should not be by force and that should not be a reason for rape. A normal person with a good character education will not lay hands on anyone. That is why this young parliamentarian emphasized on this aspect of violence against the weaker sex in order to promote a peaceful society.

After the panelist finished with the sharing, the floor was open for a dance presentation by YSP Douala youths.  Immediately the dance presentation was over, the nomination of peace ambassadors was started. A total of 9 youths were nominated as Young Peace Ambassadors. The delegate of Wouri Mr. Ngeund Lazer used this opportunity to congratulate the peace ambassadors and gave them a message of hope for them to keep the responsibility they have and make the best out of it.

To conclude this ceremony, YSP signed an MOU with two other associations, ABSED and GREEN WORLD associations which are both important associations out to promote peace and support the UN sustainable development goals. A total of about 100 people took part in this event both youths and parent. The event was then concluded with a family photo and later refreshments.