Youth Leaders Forum #DR Congo

IAYSP hosted a Youth Leaders Forum with 59 participants to promote peace initiatives and positive leadership among youth circles in collaboration with the National Youth Council. The theme was, “Peace and Transformational Leadership Today.”

The forum was carried out in the presence of the sub-regional secretary of IAYSP Central Africa, the national office of the national youth council, and leaders of youth organizations from all over Kinshasa. The speaker of the day spoke about transformational leadership based on the development a person can have.

A leader needs to have self-knowledge allowing him or her to have a vision which must be clear, deep, comprehensive, extensive and knowledgeable of human behaviour. The speaker showed a diagram to adopt a model of leadership that can inspire change in youth circles and the desire to establish peace throughout the national territory.

IAYSP DRC has invited youth leaders to take part in AYA 2022. It is an opportunity to see new prospects for Africa. All the leaders appreciated the forum and requested this type of forum every month. The National Youth Council and many organizations present are also planning to partner with IAYSP in areas connected to the character, peace, and leadership education.