Youth Heroes Awards #Afghanistan

We held the Award ceremony of the IAYSP Youth Heroes Award 2020 at Mehran Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Dec 21, 2020.

Asif Ulfat, the IAYSP President of Afghanistan, gave a presentation about IAYSP, its founder, core activities, and IAYSP’s vision for all youth.

Forty youth leaders were invited from different local civil society organizations. The award recipients were grateful and inspired by the YSP founders’ vision for young people. The recipients and youth leaders in the audience shared their great interest in the future activities of IAYSP, both nationally and globally.

Freshta Karim, the founder of, received the Youth Heroes Awards from IAYSP International on Dec 21, 2020. Freshta Karim is a graduate of Oxford University and was awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019. She is a nationally and internationally renowned youth leader from Afghanistan.

Hamid Omar is another recipient of the IAYSP Youth Heroes Awards 2020. He tragically lost his sister, Rahila, in an ISIS suicide attack inside a classroom in 2018. Despite this heartbreaking situation, Hamid did not succumb to anger or hatred and rather focused his energy on launching the Rahila Foundation. Shortly after the death of his sister, Hamid’s goal was to encourage more youth and children to continue pursuing their education. Today, the Rahila Foundation is a well-known national organization for its work in helping less fortunate young people and children with their education.