Youth Heroes Award Streamed on Television in Cote d’Ivoire!

International Association Youth and Students for Peace Cote d’Ivoire organized the medal ceremony for young Ivorian heroes. This ceremony took place at the Felix Houphouët Boigny University of Cocody, the amphitheater of the Faculty of Medicine. Alongside VIPs and the Young Heroes, nearly ninety people participated and the event was covered in the media by National Television (RT2).

Medals were awarded to young people who, in their different localities, have made a positive impact on society through the organization of community and humanitarian activities. Some of these community and humanitarian activities involve: donating of sanitation items (trash cans, gloves, brooms, buckets, and shovels), blood donation campaigns, awareness raising, youth leadership training, entrepreneurship and personal development.

The event was a great success, including several VIPs such as  Dr. Kone Idriss, Teacher Researcher in Conflict Management at UTS New York; Mr. Henoc Yaboudjro, Ambassador of Peace; Mrs. Enan Thérèse, National President of the Federation of Women for World Peace, the former and new President of Syness; and Mr. Jean Philippe, representing the Société Générale de Communication. The winners were overjoyed to benefit from these awards and expressed their gratitude to both IAYSP and members of their respective organizations.