Youth Festival for Peace—São Tomé e Príncipe

On September 7th, 2019, YSP help the annual Youth Festival for Peace in São Tomé e Príncipé, in front of Estadio Nacional 12 de Julho. The event was the culmination of two-months long efforts of mobilization by YSP international volunteers from twenty-seven countries in Africa and abroad as well as local students who had taken part in the Global Summer Camp earlier.

Gates opened at 2pm and people started coming to the main grounds. The actual festival program started at 4pm with songs from the finalists of the Young Sound for Peace Competition. The winner among these finalists was awarded with a trophy. This was followed by speeches from the YSP International chairman Dr. Robert S. Kittle, the YSP International President Mr. Koji Matsuda and the YSP Africa president Mr. Philbert Seka Seka who unanimously encouraged the youth to cultivate a culture of filial piety towards their parents, maintain sexual purity and live for the sake of the nation. The Minister of Youth also gave a speech encouraging unity in the nation.

Dances from local and international dance groups excited the crowd, and these were followed by a thunderous Tong-il Moo Do presentation from our volunteers from the Philippines, as well as local students .

Various local and international artists from Angola like Filho do Zua and Rui Orlando electrified the atmosphere with their sweet-sounding music. People were also able to take part in the lottery where they got the chance to win several prizes including flat screen TVs, smartphones, bicycles, a motorcycle, laptops, scholastic materials kit etc.

To our surprise, the expected attendance of twenty thousand people was nearly doubled as people kept flocking to the event in large numbers well towards 8pm. Almost twenty percent of the country’s population came to the Festival for Peace 2019 and we look forward to another great success come next year!