Youth Festival #Cameroon

On June 26, 2022, to conclude the National Arts Contest, a youth festival was held on Zoom with more than 71 connections online and about 100 participations from youth across Africa. The theme of this youth festival was, “Arts and Culture.”

As such, the YSD coordinator, In-Yeon Moffo, gave a presentation on what authentic art is and how to create art that will reflect beauty and joy. She invited all the artists present to join the movement of the hyojeong culture.

The opening performance was a video of the drawing process of IAYSP funder and very talented artist, Kozou Art. He has the vision to impact youth and pass character education through his manga.
Also, a presentation on IAYSP was given by IAYSP Cameroon president, Hon. Victoria Tching-Bobe. She invited them to join us in the journey of encouraging youth to create a bright future for tomorrow.

After this first part, we entered the finals of the national art contest launched on May 2, 2022. There were three rubrics: drawing, singing and dancing.

Forty-five youth registered. After the first round, only 15 went to the finals – five in each category.

During the youth festival, the videos of the finalists were presented and the winners were announced. Prizes were given to the top three winners in each category.
The drawing contest was under the theme, Love for creation, and the top winning prize was presented to a ten-year-old girl.
The music contest was under the theme, Hyojeong heart, and the winner composed a song focused on the theme.
The dance contest was under the theme, Hyojeong dream, and the winner created a choreography for the pop remix of the song, “Praise the Lord oh, my Soul.”

The distinguished jury gave their commentary and critiques on how the finalist could improve their talents and performance in the domain of dance and singing.
They also gave words of encouragement, showed the importance of arts, and how we can utilize the arts to move the world.

The presiding juror, Rev. Nchia Kamran, equally gave his congratulatory remarks encouraging the organizers. He wishes that this initiative can grow wider and even extend to the national level.

The YSD Coordinator then gave closing remarks thanking everyone who supported and made this event a reality and recognized the great talents and potential; not only in Cameroon but throughout Africa. These talents should not be neglected but used to impact the world and promote hyojeong culture.