Youth Dream Television Show #Burkina Faso

Since 2021, IAYSP Burkina Faso has partnered with 22Etsix to create a television program for young people in Ouagadougou, with the publication of several episodes being released in the beginning of 2022. The show, Dream Month, is an educational program that allows young people to meet young celebrities who have great achievements to their credit.

Through this television show, the young participants learn from the journey of young model citizens as a way to become leaders in their own fields. This show is presented by Pang il Wilfried Diarra, the Sub Regional President of IAYSP North Africa and assistant of Divine Kaboré, the President of IAYSP Burkina Faso.

A special guest and young model, Dr. Abdallah Ouedraogo was invited. Dr. Ouedraogo was the second prize recipient of the continental competition SINERGY.

Also attending, was the comedian and leader of a vast movement of young people working in the field of the environment; who received the Youth Heroes Awards in 2020. These young leaders presented their journeys to the youth participating and recalled the need to develop young people with moral values, which positively impact their generation.

The 22etsix organization encourages IAYSP conducting education in all youth programs, allowing the training of young people for moral education or leadership to the general public. The shows are available on the Youtube channel named 22etsix SHOW: