Youth Conference-Webinar (Nepal)

IAYSP-Nepal and the South Asia subregion organized an online youth conference with 46 youth speakers from six nations (Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives). It was organized with the topic, “Ready for Change: The Role of Youth and Students Moving Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Crisis” on the 17th June 2020.

The technical team was from IAYSP Nepal in Kathmandu. Youth speakers said young people can lead and make their voice a majority in the world. They also encouraged youth initiatives that would awaken the spirit of goodness, service others, contribute to the society, multiply goodness in the present and give a good impact for future generations.

Youth speakers believed that youth, as a leading power, can work substantially in the present for change of the future. This program reached 3,700 views.