World Peace Project in Indonesia (Japan)

YSP Japan went to Bali, Indonesia, to support the forest sanctuary of the country. From March 9 to 17, YSP Japan and YSP Indonesia worked together to plant 600 seedlings of Ampupu and 400 seedlings of Moringa. YSP Japan also shared their culture by providing an art class for the youths. Participants were able to witness the real situation of endangered animals and felt the need to take care of the environment. The program was attended by college students, youth leaders of Japan and the youths of Indonesia. It has been eleven years since YSP-Japan traveled to Kalimantan, Indonesia to plant trees. 5,350 trees have been planted since 2008. The young people are happy to enhance the lush environment of Indonesia. The participants realized how important it is to take care of our environment as global leaders. The program was made possible with the support of the “One Coin Project” and other donations from kind individuals.