Workshop: GOOD CHARACTER AND LEADERSHIP (Dominican Republic)

On November 5, the IAYSP led by Frank Felix De la Cruz, with the strong support of the Caribbean regional office, Mr. Leonidas Belliard, began their 3-day seminar entitled Good Character and Leadership. The purpose was to strengthen the character of young people and educate future leaders in the Dominican Republic.
For this reason, with 53 young people from different parts of the Dominican Republic, they began by welcoming and making the young people aware of the seminar program and the rules.
Also, to make the environment more enjoyable, they formed small teams to share.

On the first day, Lic. Regalado gave the first conference that introduced the topic “what good character is and how to have good leadership.”
They had the opening ceremony with special guests: Dr. Charles Yang, president of the legislative assembly of the holy community of Hanulpumonim, Rev. Sang Suek Kim, regional director of a peace organization in Central America and the Caribbean.
Mr. Colonel Andres Ortiz Ribera, president of the municipal police association, Mr. Rafael Méndez, Former Deputy and President of Parliamentarians for Peace, and his wife were also there.

At the ceremony, Mr. Carlos Hernandez gave the words of welcome; Mr. Colonel Andres Ortiz Ribera, Mr. Candido Gomez, and the words of congratulations were in charge of Dr. Charles Yang and the president of the IAYSP of the Dominican Republic.
This seminar had many challenges for the warrior spirit of the young people in addition to entertainment, games, sharing of what they learned, and quality sharing, all very well prepared by the leader of the IAYSP of Santiago.
The seminar had seven lectures in total by Mr. Regalado, the Rv. Kim, Dr. Yang and Mr. Regalado.
The activity is full of hope to the leaders. And members present that even amid the circumstances of the pandemic, it is still possible to continue taking positive teaching and bringing hope to each of the young dreamers.