Webinar: Kids are Not the Future, But the Present #Costa Rica

IAYSP Costa Rica, together with Héroes Costa Rica, hosted a webinar that advocated for children’s voices to be heard. Today, there are many countries in which children’s rights are averted or only partially fulfilled. One of the principal causes to this is the perceived miniscule or no voice that children have in society. In this seminar, speakers talked about the rights of children that have been decreed over time. Propositions were made so that people could take action to empower the voice of children, by knowing the concept of adult centrism, identifying it in their daily actions – their own and those around them – and finally become involved in the cessation of these patterns. This was achieved through an informative message, a role-play activity, and participants’ shared experiences. In this way, it is sought that children can be listened to and cared for in a more positive manner than how they have been viewed and related to in the past. This activity was linked to the Reduce Inequalities and Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Sustainable Development Goals.