We, UniUS achieve Unity. (Korea)

UniUS is a peace designer project working to support SDG No.16 (Peace Justice and Strong Institutions) and SDG No.17 (Partnerships for the Goals). with the goal of unifying North and South Korea. This project was developed and initiated by students from Korea. 

The name UniUS comes from the amalgamation of “Unification” and “US” (us). The vision of UniUS is “To contribute to the unification of Korea through the discussion and the media, and help people to have an open mind for the unification”.
             UniUS is producing interesting programs for many people in order to distribute helpful and accurate information about the unification of the Korean peninsula, and also for that audience to get closer to the process of unification.

UniUS is consistently uploading videos about unification on their YouTube channel. The theme and materials of the videos are mainly produced by collecting newspaper articles. All of the UniUS members are university students who long for a unified-Korean Peninsula and are doing the activities with passion because of that.