Volunteering with The Just One Project Food Distribution, Nevada #USA

On December 11, 2021, Shine City Project volunteered with The Just One Project. The Just One Project is a local, non-profit organization that connects people through its mobile food pantry, providing and delivering groceries to food-insecure individuals and families across Southern Nevada.

Eight Shine City Project volunteers visited Bridger Middle School; one of the thirteen locations The Just One Project holds its “Pop Up & Give” program to distribute food on a monthly basis. The volunteers helped to unload and organize boxes of food items onto pallets, then divided themselves into several roles to help with the distribution process. Throughout the distribution, cars queued in two lines, one on each side of the food pallets. Before receiving food, information about household size and income had to be collected to determine the amount of food they were eligible to receive. Four Shine City Project volunteers were responsible for walking with clipboards and gathering the required information. Afterwards, once information was collected and quantity determined, cars began their journeys with each food pallet, where volunteers placed food inside the trunks. Three Shine City volunteers worked with other volunteers to help pass out the ham, cereal, tortillas, cheese, milk, and eggs. After receiving their goods and reaching the end, the cars had their trunks closed and were ready to return home. The Shine City Project volunteers helped direct the traffic, ensuring there were no accidents while merging into one lane.