S!NERGY x Brazil (Visit to Palhoca)

Two YSP representatives travelled to Palhoca City in Santa Catarina, Brazil on February 20. From 21st to 25th February they visited Peace Ambassadors to investigate the possibility of holding a S!NERGY event the following April.

Taking this opportunity they met over 10 Ambassadors for Peace. Among them were 3 Councilmen, the City Council President and the Rector of the Municipal University of Palhoca. The meetings were productive. The YSP representatives discussed strategies and received feedback on how they can improve event execution. With these partnerships, they committed themselves to hold an S!NERGY event in April.

YSP together with the Universal Peace Federation will conduct the first S!NERGY session in Latin America in Palhoça City, Santa Catarina at the main hall of the Municipal University of Palhoca on Saturday, April 20, 2019, with the goal of having 1,000 participants.