Visit to Orphanages and Elderly Home #Brazil

IAYSP-ALAGOAS organized a visit to two orphanages and an elderly home. The activity was carried out to encourage and give hope to residents, to express that they are loved and valuable individuals.

The first one was the Casa de Adoção Rubens Colaço. Volunteers visited the orphanage for an entire afternoon on May 7, 2022, donated clothes and toys collected through a month-long social media campaign, and provided effective support to the children.

The clothes and toys were given by the society of the state of Alagoas. Also, we had a good time playing with the kids.

The second visit was to the Lar Batista Marcolina Magalhães orphanage to deliver gifts for the children. Across one month, we invited people from society to write letters to the girls in the orphanage, containing words of support and encouragement for them – Cartas ao coração project. The girls received over 100 cards in total and were very happy.

The volunteers helped them read the letters, played with them for an entire afternoon, and promoted a collective snack with nutritious food. It was a very exciting moment, and everyone felt joyful about following our motto – living for the sake of others. This volunteer activity provided effective support for the children.

The visit to the elderly home Lar Francisco de Assis was on May 29, 2022, to donate cleaning materials, clothes, and shoes collected with the support of society. The elderly home cares for 80 elderly people and needed our support; prompting us initiate a fundraising campaign and contribute.