Together let’s fight against loneliness! (France)

IAYSP France organized a zoom event on the theme “Together, let’s fight against loneliness”. 

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, well-being, employment, and access to education have become the main concerns of young people aged 18 to 25. The pandemic resulted in higher levels of distress among young adults (ages 18-29) compared to other age groups. 

Despite these serious challenges, the youth continued to contribute in small and large ways to the well-being and happiness of others and themselves through various means centered around Responsibility, Integrity, Service, Empathy (RISE). 

To help youth and students, IAYSP assembled a dynamic youth panel of 3 people. As panelists, there was Rafaël Guignard (certified coach in Personal Development, founder of the ‘Family Harmony Coaching and Peace Starts With Me Academy’), Dadastone Ipoma (research engineer in biological and medical engineering). He has worked for more than 17 years in research laboratories of infectious diseases in DRC, in Belgium at the Europe clinic, and France at the IHU Marseille ) and Aurélie Dumas (Hospital Service Agent in a retirement home and who is training to become an art therapist since June 2020).

The event took place in 2 parts. During the first part, the panelists answered questions that aimed to analyze “the problem of loneliness” linked to the Covid pandemic and then proposed solutions to face it. 

During the second part of the event, each panelist made a presentation aiming to promote tools or projects to fight against loneliness. 

Rafaël Guignard presented ideas to live better the pandemic. 

Aurélie Dumas presented art therapy and allowed the participants to do a small practice session. 

Dadastone Ipoma took the opportunity to present the “project of distribution of food and hygiene kits to students in precariousness,” which will be done in partnership with IAYSP-France on May 29th, 2021, in Paris. 

This event had 24 participants, 14 people on the zoom link and 10 people on the live broadcast on our Facebook page.