The Inauguration of Youth & Students for Peace in Cambodia

1. Pre-program
-Asian Leadership Training (ALT) perform a unity song
-Tong IL Mo Do Federation of Cambodia performed “Eye of the Tiger”

2. Main Program: Emcee introduces the program and the delegates
2. 1. Introduction

2. 2. Cambodia National Anthem

2. 3. Welcome & Brief Report of YSP-Cambodia: Dr. Tang Kimsruy, Secretary General of YSP-Cambodia

2. 4. Special Presentation: Rev. Hajime Saito, CIG Special Envoy to Cambodia, gave a special presentation, translated by Mr. Hut Hen, Vice-national leader of FFWPU-Cambodia.
Over 700 participants from over 10 educational institutions attended the program

2. 5. Pure Love Pledge: Pure Love Pledge lead by Rev. Hajime Saito, the CIG special envoy to Cambodia

2. 6. Special Remark to Inaugurate YSP Cambodia: Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Chairman of FFWPU-Asia Pacific, gives special remarks, interpreted by Rev. Chamreoun Sophal, national leader of FFWPU-Cambodia.

2. 7. Congratulatory Remark to the Inauguration of YSP Cambodia: Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Co-Chair of IAPP Asia Pacific, and Member of Parliament of Nepal.

2. 8. Congratulatory Song: Congratulatory Song offered by Prof. VyChivorn, Professor of Royal University of Fine Arts

2. 9. Closing Remark
Cheer of Eok Manse