The Inauguration of Youth & Students for Peace #Cambodia

  1. 1. Pre-program
    -Asian Leadership Training (ALT) perform a unity song
    -Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation of Cambodia performed, “Eye of the Tiger”
  2. Main Program: Emcee introduces the program and the delegates
    2. i. Introduction
  3. ii. Cambodia National Anthem
  4. iii. Welcome & brief report of YSP Cambodia: Dr. Tang Kimsruy, Secretary- General of YSP Cambodia
  5. iv. Special Presentation: Rev. Hajime Saito, CIG Special Envoy to Cambodia, gave a special presentation, translated by Mr. Hut Hen, Vice-National Leader of FFWPU Cambodia.
    Over seven hundred participants from over ten educational institutions attended the program.

  6. v. Pure Love Pledge: Pure Love Pledge lead by Rev. Hajime Saito, the CIG Special Envoy to Cambodia
  7. vi. Special remark to inaugurate YSP Cambodia: Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Chairman of FFWPU Asia Pacific, gave special remarks, interpreted by Rev. Chamreoun Sophal, National Leader of FFWPU Cambodia.
  8. vii. Congratulatory remarks for the inauguration of YSP Cambodia: Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Co-Chair of IAPP Asia Pacific, and Member of Parliament of Nepal.
  9. viii. Congratulatory song: Congratulatory song offered by Prof. VyChivorn, Professor of Royal University of Fine Arts.
  10. ix. Closing Remark; Cheer of Eok Mansei