Tagda Sa Ko Series – TSK Series: Episode Six #Philippines

This episode’s talk, “#LDR: Learning to Develop Respect,” was given by the Regional President of the International Association of Youth and Students for Peace Asia Pacific, Prof. Richell Jalipa. Furthermore, joining as panelists: Ms. Gelly Silma, LPT – former President of the Xavier University – School of Education Literacy and Communication Society; Sir James Ambat, Department of Information and Communications Management Secretary of the Xavier University United Arts and Sciences Student Council (UNITASS); and Sir Jorjani Sinsuat, Public Information Officer of the Bangsamoro Government.

Apart from the view count, the episode accrued fifty-four comments, twenty-four shares, and seven hundred seventy-eight engagements. In one of the comments, Liezl Evangelista said, “Every person is different. Knowing that fact and inculcating it in ourselves will teach us that even people who we think are ‘not-so’ respectable can still earn respect. You might find someone disagreeable, but at the end of the day, we are all humans, and as one, we must show respect.”
Further, Joon Shin Amangan mentioned, “Each one of us is born with a uniqueness that our creator has given to us. And that includes having different opinions, beliefs, ideologies, hobbies, and interests.”

The stream came to a close with the panelists expressing their support and enthusiasm to YSP and WCARP’s endeavors.