The Drugs Free Society Meeting was held in Nigeria

This speech was followed by the Managing Director of the Okpoma Transport Service, who touched on the need of all of us to transparent in handling matters related to a drug offense for this fight to be successful, by eschewing favoritism and maintain equity, saying “else we may not succeed in this important fight.”

This was followed by the Youth Leaders and Community Representatives recommendations where the various Youth Leaders and Community representatives present agreed to work hand in hand with the necessary agency and IAYSP to fight against drug abuse in society, which has become a great threat to society at large.

In this session, the last contribution was made by the Director-General of Narcotic and Drug-Free Society, Barr. Tony Odey, who gave an extensive lecture including the Causes and Effects of Drug Abuse. Also informed the house that the government is trying to enact proper laws in Cross River State to pave way for effective movement against drug abuse in the State. He said that he has set up coordinators of the Drug-Free Club in the various LGAs in the State and will ensure that this Club will partner with IAYSP embark on an extensive campaign and ensure that perpetrators are brought to book as a way of discouraging others. In the end, expressing his gratitude to the IAYSP for organizing this forum and start up this community-based campaign against drug abuse.

Some of the participants also recommended that for this fight to be successful the government should set up a task force against drug abuse. In a reaction, the DG of Narcotic and Drug-Free Society agreed to this, whose plans are on the way for the proper enacting of laws and implementation to curb the menace of drug abuse.
The meeting then came to an end at about 6:00 pm with a closing act lead by a community representative from Itega-Okpame.

Among the stakeholders were included: The Director-General of Narcotic/Drug-Free Society Barr. Tony Odey, The Security Agency, The Chairman of the Security Committee of Yala Legislature and Honourable Councilor Representing Okpoma Ward: Hon. Raphael Agi Ikade; Chairman of Patent Drugs Dealers Associations Okpoma Branch; All the Patent Drugs Dealers, Youth Chairman and Community representatives of the Various Communities; the Managing Director of Okpoma Transport Service; Members of IAYSP Okpoma Chapter and the general public.