Suriname: Four Family Loves

On April 6, 2019, Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) Suriname gave “Four Family Loves” Education. Two chapters were presented: “The Power of Sibling Love” and “Preparing for Marriage”. It was attended by 9 youth members (including 1 university student, 3 high school students, 4 secondary modern school students and 1 elementary school student), and families.

The first lecture “The Power of Sibling Love”, was given by Mr. O’Niel Kasanoemar. He explained the relationship between siblings. ” Siblings Love” is the foundation for bigger relationships, he said. Siblings learn from and correct each other. It was followed by the second lecture “Preparing for Marriage”, given by Silma Rotgans.

Broken relationships come from individuals who did not have successful siblings love in their families. Therefore they may not be able to do well in their life of marriage. Furthermore, she explained that the youths should focus first on their career and not on sex. Sexual relationships before marriage cause bad relationships with future spouses.

Furthermore, all participants gathered read the autobiography of the founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon (As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen) with a round of discussions at the end. A commemorative picture was taken. It was followed by a lunch with all participants.