Sub-Regional SINERGY #Côte d’Ivoire


In December, IAYSP Côte d’Ivoire organized two major activities.
Firstly, they participated in the sub-regional S!NERGY competition, and secondly, held a youth camp for IAYSP CI Yamoussoukro Chapter.

Regarding the S!NERGY competition, the activity took place at the level of the North sub-region, where young people advocated and bolstered humanitarian projects and brainstormed approaches in alignment with the United Nations SDGs.

More than fifty young people connected through Zoom to support the Côte d’Ivoire candidate, Ms. Shim Sook Zodji Justine. Zodji was competing with Burkinabé candidate Mr. Aubin Kaboré and presented on the theme, “For a beautiful world of its diversity, let’s preserve our cultural identity.” After the competition and the public voting process, Côte d’Ivoire recieved second place behind Burkina Faso. With great joy and enthusiasm, the young Ivorians supported their candidate and expressed their commitment to accomplish national and regional level activities of IAYSP.