Solidary Support #Paraguay

On Sunday May 10, “Common Cooking Pot” was held – where collected food was prepared, designed to cover the minimum nutritional needs of social groups with serious economic deficiencies. IAYSP Paraguay were the central coordinators and were supported by the Patreo Pai, a company in the Ita city.

A total of one hundred fifty-four families participated in this activity.

On May 24, IAYSP Paraguay organized the activity in Asentamiento San Benito, where a total of two hundred sixteen dishes of food were donated.

Again on June 28, IAYSP Paraguay held a volunteering activity through the delivery of donated food in Ita city, which consisted of IAYSP Paraguay members working with the youth group, “Fuerza Joven.” Their leader’s name is Ramon Ruiz Diaz, and he works as a Youth Ambassador of Peace in Paraguay as well.