IAYSP Africa organized S!NERGY × AFRICA 2021 on December 18, 2021, under the theme, “Youth Action for Peace and Sustainable Development.”
Thousand two hundred and forty-six people watched online, and various nations set on-site programs and attended the event as a group.
Five presenters who won prizes at the Sub-Regional S!NERGY (Burkina Faso, Benin, DR Congo, Zambia, and Kenya) introduced their projects and ideas with passion.

As words of encouragement, Mr. Koji Matuda, President of IAYSP International introduced the message of the Founder of IAYSP, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon; who traveled to Africa several times and said,
“Youth have the key to the sustainable development of the nation.”
He also encouraged youth to set public goals for the community, nations, and world.

After the insightful presentations by five representatives, IAYSP Africa announced the winner based on the evaluation from five judges and votes collated from the audience. The winner was Mr. Octave Mbila from DR Congo who shared the project, “Football Open Challenge.” He expressed gratitude and the importance of working together.

Afterwards, the Youth Heroes’ Awards in Africa 2021 nominations took place. Mr. Johannes Mawena Makouvia from Togo was nominated as the best Youth Heroes Awardee in 2021. He is the Founder of NGO OJIPP and has emboldened youth to live together for sustainable development.
Mrs. Lucie Sessinou, the Mayor of Ketou City in Benin, gave congratulatory remarks saying that nation leaders need to support programs such as S!NERGY, which empowers youth to become public leaders.