S!NERGY IAYSP-North Africa was held on December 12th, 2020. Before the event, IAYSP-North Africa had a pre-selection with 15 candidates and eventually selected five candidates (2 from Senegal and three from Burkina Faso).

The event was held in Burkina Faso with around 200 participants and it was broadcasted via YouTube and Facebook. During this event participated ambassadors of Peace, VIP, president of youth associations, guests, and candidates.

At the end of the event, they announced the winners. The 1st place was for Dr. Abdallah OUEDRAOGO, a chief doctor of an urban hospital center in OUAGADOUGOU, whose topic was « Endogenous Health Center Development Project. »

The 2nd winner was Mr. Eliézer YALGUIA, a 4th-year medical student whose topic was « Good Health and well being. » 

This program had impacted the social level because it contributes to improving health and work efficiencies for the management of hospitals in Africa. Most of the participants were sure that through S!NERGY, people could resolve many problems of society based on ideas. For that reason, they are planning to extend the program to more youth next time, who are the future of the world.