S!NERGY x Japan

IAYSP-Japan organized an S!NERGY program in Tokyo on November 22, 2020, with a total of 2000 people watching online.
This time, five high school students and five university students who are the representatives of all regions in Japan gave delightful presentations connected with SDGs and Social issues.
After the presentations, four special judges and audiences voted who No.1 was and decided the “Best S!NERGIST”. A local councilor, a doctor, and a junior high school teacher participated as judges. The judges were greatly inspired by the presentations of the students and decided to stay after the event finished to provide additional guidance to the students.

S!NERGY members also tried doing crowdfunding for S!NERGY, which let them get around $10000 as support by lots of people.
The movies of the ten presentations are available to watch on the following S!NERGY Website: https://www.sinergy-jp.org/2020-movie/