S!NERGY Prize Distribution #South Asia

Asia Pacific One, “Youth Action for Peace and Sustainable Development” was the theme of the 2021 Regional S!NERGY organized by the International Association of Youth and Students for Peace on January 15, 2022 – which brought over three hundred youth and guests from over seven nations across the Asia Pacific.

Five nations competed in the 2021 Regional S!NERGY: Tajikistan, Thailand, India, Nepal, and Cambodia. Each nation confidently presented their projects with an aspiration to help the community, solve problems and contribute to a better future. IAYSP International President, Mr. Koji Matsuda, asserted that S!NERGY has the potential of empowering young people and students to become responsible youth leaders who can change the community, nations, and the world.

Mr. Demian Dunkley gave congratulatory remarks advocating that, “While we are young, we should reach up to the sky and put no limits on what we can reach. Everyone is already a winner so we do not need to focus only on winning in the competition but to have care for others and to have dreamed of accomplishing great things for the sake of others. All of you will face challenges but never give up on your dreams. What do you believe is the most valuable part of your presentation today? That is the first slide of your presentation. That is why you are great. The ‘why’ we are listening to you today. Your ‘why’ is the most important thing. All of you are young people, especially the university students, ask themselves the following questions: how will I succeed in my own life, in my city, in my nation… But the husband of IAYSP founder once said, “Our young people must not be like that, more than your own happiness, you must think for the sake of the people and the world based on the moral ethics of a higher dimension.”

For a tree to grow big, they need to have deep roots, and YSP is great to deepen your roots.

IAYSP South Asia organized many distinguished programs with rising program participation numbers and true love sharing campaign breakthroughs.

On the first day of the year, IAYSP South Asia held a program with IAYSP Nepal, where the S!NERGY South Asia winner received a prize and certificate. Mr. Santos Kumar Poudel, Sub-Regional Director UPF South Asia special guest; Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari, Director of IAYSP South Asia Chair of the Program; and National Chair FFWPU Nepal Mr. Prakash Babu Thapa, Mr. Binod Dangi, and Mr. Manoj Ku Surkheti also presided as guests.

Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari, IAYSP Director for South Asia, congratulated winning recipient Ms. Renisha Ghimire. Ms. Dharmee Bhusal Kamana, the Secretary-General of IAYSP South Asia and President of IAYSP Nepal, commended the competitors from the National and International S!NERGY Organizer committee, participants, jury, and supportive members. The program concluded with sharing a gift, prize, and certificate to the winner by Sub-Regional Director Santos Ku. Poudel and Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari to Ms. Renisha Ghimre and twelve-days training attendees.

More than fifty delegates, journalists, families, and youth attended the program. All participants were moved and showed their commitment to willingly participate and promote youthful and energetic ideas in social development; strengthening youth activities.

This time, the physical meeting with families and youths motivated youth to work together and look forward positively towards the future.

IAYSP South Asia is actively joining different self-organized activities such as S!NERGY, UN Day activities, and programs built upon partnerships. We hope the year 2022 will be forwarded and fruitful to give hope to committee members.