Service Projects of July (Uruguay)

There were several projects that IAYSP-Uruguay carried out during the month of July. Take a look at them below! 
Blood donation:

The IAYSP Staff, during their monthly meeting, established a new volunteering and service activity for Uruguay. In July, it concluded by organizing a Blood Donation Activity.
On June 14, the first four volunteers went to the facilities of the Spanish Association in Montevideo, which provides this blood bank service. The group was very well received since blood donation is a rare and highly valued activity for the health personnel and the relatives of the people who need these donations.
Currently, in Uruguay, 200 bags of blood are used a day, there is a great demand. IAYSP hopes that they can be health promoters and that through these kinds of activities and social networks, more will join this cause.

Tong-Il Moo Do event:

IAYSP, as a closing activity for the month, together with Martín Roldán, an instructor from TIMD in Uruguay, gave an educational talk regarding the importance of character and the influence of martial arts on youth to become individuals of peace.
On Sunday, July 25, at the UPF Continental Headquarters, 14 young people participated, of which 5 were new guests in this activity, allowing to create a space for education and sharing.
Parents of the youth who participated approached the activity and shared gratitude to TIMD and IAYSP’s representatives.

Cleaning Uruguay with Love:

On June 10, 2021, the young people of Sung Hwa (SH) Uruguay held their winter session, this being a face-to-face reunion seminar. The SH Staff, in conjunction with IAYSP, decided to organize an internal talk about the meaning of IAYSP so that the young participants of this event can understand the value of the organization and YSP’s believe that young people are responsible for the future.
After the talk, the group met and organized cleaning for peace on the train tracks of Paso Molino, Montevideo.
Currently, in Uruguay, IAYSP is working with the social cleaning services of the areas near the headquarters, hoping to reach environmental education in the schools. But for now, social services have become a permanent activity.

Cultural Japanese-Korean Event:

IAYSP held the second cultural event of the year, motivated by the successful event held online in May. This time, the event was held in person, maintaining the restrictions corresponding to the pandemic (reduced guests).
Also, they held an origami class, made Korean dishes, and gave an IAYSP introduction.
The main organizers of the activity were Rev. Kazuhiro Tsusaka and his wife Hyunjoo Park, carrying out a very victorious activity.