Service For Peace #Burkina Faso

IAYSP Burkina Faso participated in a Health Day organized by a youth association called, “Les Vagabonds De L’Assainissement.

Members of IAYSP Burkina Faso accompanied youth from other organizations during a sports and cleaning session, Eco-Jogging, mainly organized by LAJAGUAR, founder of the Les Vagabonds de Sanitation movement.

This event was able to bring together a total of 2913 young people on June 25, 2021, at the Monument des Martyrs, a tourist location in Burkina Faso.

IAYSP Burkina Faso participated due to the cleaning invitiatives, and health and social aspects of the sports program. The day was innovative for youth to making a positive change and impact in society.

IAYSP supported this association in order to mobilize youth around the service project.