RISE with us! Skills for those who desire to contribute (Czech-Slovak)

Manon Masner giving the 4 interactive lectures on RISE

The Czech-Slovak IAYSP team started their first online event title RISE with Us!
Many young people have the desire to do something, be engaged in activities. Through this program, the Czech/Slovak IAYSP team wants to offer tools and skills that support an individual in pursuing its desire to contribute.

All the content given was connected to the values of YSP. Those values are in the abbreviation of the word RISE, thus “RISE with Us.”

The purpose of the “RISE with Us” program is to prepare people interested in becoming active in our society and become engaging contributors who take part in projects and know how to work with people.

On the first session, there was an Ice breaker to make participants feel more comfortable, followed by a presentation of the Rise with Us! program by Laurenc Klas.

Manon Masner then gave four interactive 7 minutes lectures to give a thorough explanation of each Rise value, each accompanied with an activity and questions to reflect put into an online workbook by Kate Nguyen. Each participant had their own virtual copy they could fill up. The event ended with a group discussion where participants could share their thoughts and what they gained.

Laurenc Klas giving an introduction to IAYSP, the SDGs adn the program RISE with us!

Online workbook led by Kate Nguyen

Group picture