RISE with us! Motivation (Czech-Slovak)

Genesis Leo explaining the workbook

The Czech-Slovak IAYSP team hosted the fifth session of RISE with us! project online through zoom.

To be able to advance in life, we need to have some good motivation.
The reason behind our motivation needs to have a strong foundation, and thereupon, an individual needs to be mindful of their actions and thoughts. One should not be dependent on “motivation” coming to its life. But instead, a person should know how to nurture motivation so that this force can grow to help expand its life goals.

On the fifth session, there was a short introduction on IAYSP and the Rise with Us! series, followed by an Icebreaker where each participant had to say yes or no if they felt the sentence the mc was saying related to them.

Then the participants were asked to reflect upon what does motivation means to them.

The main lecture was given by a guest speaker, Deborah Cali. She divided it into two interactive 5-7 minutes talks. What mindfulness and motivation are and how to generate that personally in our daily life.
Each question was accompanied with deep questions to reflect upon, put into an online workbook, to which each participant had its own virtual copy to fill up.

The event ended with a group discussion where participants could share their thoughts, what they’ve gained and shared in what moments of their life did they feel motivated, and what was the reason that their motivation was so strong.

Deborah Cali giving lecture

Laurenc Klas explaining the icebreaker & Group picture