RISE with Us! Gratitude as Key to Happiness and Advancing in Life #Czech-Slovak

Kate Nguyen giving lecture

The Czech Slovak IAYSP team hosted the third session of RISE with us! project online.

In our daily life, we may encounter hardships and moments when we feel low self-esteem. Experiences such as these lead us in altering our attitude and creating a different, sometimes negative approach towards life. However, living in this manner negatively impacts our potential to live healthy lives while in pursuit of our life dreams and goals.
This is a key reason as to why the attitudes we adopt are essential in our lives. Czech Slovak IAYSP thereupon decided to conduct a session on gratitude.

Genesis Leo explaining the icebreaker

They explained how a life filled with gratitude is key to feeling happier and making progress in life.

In the third session, there was a short introduction of IAYSP and the Rise with Us! series, followed by a personality test as an icebreaker activity.
Afterwards, two interactive five-seven minute lectures on how to develop gratitude as an attitude in our life were presented. Each lectures was accompanied with question-and-answer sections to encourage reflection and sharing and recording of ideas into online workbooks.

Concluding the event, participants shared as a group regarding their thoughts of the content, concepts and ideas they had learned, and share a precious memory they have of someone doing something they still highly regard and appreciate even today.

Group Picture