RISE with us! Gratitude as key to happiness and advancing in Life (Czech-Slovak)

Kate Nguyen giving lecture

The Czech-Slovak IAYSP team hosted the third session of RISE with us! project online.

In our daily life, we may encounter hardships and moments when we feel low. Experiences of this kind make us change our attitude and have a different, sometimes negative approach to life. That, many times, doesn’t let us live life to the fullest.
That is why our attitude is essential in our lives. The Czech-Slovak IAYSP thereupon decided to have a session on Gratitude.

They explained how a life filled with Gratitude is key to feeling happier and advance in life.

In the third session, there was a short introduction of IAYSP and the Rise with Us! series, followed by a personality test as an Icebreaker activity.
Then two interactive 5-7 minutes lectures on how to have Gratitude as an attitude in our life, each accompanied with deep questions to reflect upon, put into an online workbook, to which each participant had its own virtual copy that could fill it up.

The event ended with a group discussion where participants could share their thoughts, what they’ve gained, and share a precious memory they have of someone doing something they appreciate till today.

Genesis Leo explaining the icebreaker

Group Picture