Raising Youth Leaders # Cote d’Ivoire

The main objective of IAYSP has always been to establish a world of peace. A world of peace that derives its source from its youth.

Unfortunately, issues in daily life force us to perceive youth negatively and this can lead to depression and, over time, to moral depravity. The causes of these deviations manifest in various ways and grand amounts and create domino effects where impacts extend to the hearts of others and not just one person. Some manage to maintain their heads above water, but the percentage makes us consider this issue seriously.

In this context, IAYSP Cote d’Ivoire implements the “Recreate Yourself” project that wants to console the hearts and habits of our youth in the professional, relational, sentimental and religious fields.

We held a train-the-trainer seminar on character education from September 23 – 25 to prepare for the project’s launch. As a result, we decided to organize the project’s first activity on October 15. It will be a conference given by Mr Joël Hoon Pal on the first chapter titled, “What Does It Mean to Be Good?