Project ABC with Love #Brazil

In July, YSP RS began the ABC Project with Love.

They organized two activities:

As a launching activity, YSP RS partnered with WFWP Novo Hamburgo, to carry out Afforestation Action: Plant a tree and guarantee the future.

So far, one hundred seventy-one trees have been planted alongside the train line in Novo Hamburgo City, RS; divided into eight shares over seven months during the pandemic.

Trees are essential in nature for a variety of reasons. Trees help in the purification and humidity of the air, absorb carbon dioxide and toxic gases, and return oxygen to the atmosphere.
IAYSP monitored the area in which the cleaning action was undertaken. A discovery was made that determined many people discard multiple types of garbage, burnt sofas, and waste here. As a result, the team installed wheels with plants and warning signs as a preventative strategy.

The second activity was the Apojo Escolar Project. An activity organized for children from first to sixth grade with basic literacy problems caused by the pandemic. Many of these children had no access to learning and are only returning to school now, which has caused them to be behind in their learning.

YSP RS invites all volunteers who want to know more and contribute, with the most valuable and necessary factor being our time and love.

The volunteer leaders, content and encouraged by the project, participated in the first activity where preparations were made for the classroom that would be utilized for lessons.

After setting the tables, cleaning educational games, sorting and cleaning the library, the work was finished.
The activity had the participation of ten people, including a volunteer from Viamão.
Afterward, IAYSP participants exchanged a snack with the school Principals, where they talked in-depth about the neighborhood’s situation and the children amid tears and emotions.
They ended the day victoriously and decided to continue their efforts in supporting these children every Saturday.