Agents of Change Program #Brazil

YSP Rio Grande do Sul held two online meetings as part of the program, “Agents of Change.”

One of the topics was, “Motivation, Emotion, Intellect, and Will.” When we know the functions of our mind, we can better understand the concept of motivation. By doing this, we can begin to understand why there is such a lack of motivation in young people and in that way, work in our society to reach our highest potential and acquire more of what is not yet one hundred percent evolved. The first meeting took place on November 6, 2021, with eight young participants on Zoom.

The other meeting held on November 28, was based on, “The School of Ethics.” The purpose of this meeting was to deepen understanding of universal values, family values, focusing on determining the importance of our position as young people and the value of living as model citizens and instil positive values. The motivation behind this focus is to provide hope for future families and peaceful society – IAYSP wants to achieve these goals.