Picnic and Games Day for Youth & Family #New Zealand

On April 5, YSP New Zealand organized an “Easter Monday BBQ & Sports Outing” event for youth and families of the community; twenty-eight participants attended.

Youth and family members enjoyed team games and icebreaker games to built stronger bonds with each other. There was a BBQ, which most families brought food to share.

The purpose of this event was to make a kick start to launching YSP in New Zealand again. Another fundamental point of this event was to gain new ideas regarding activities youth aspired to undertake in the future with YSP. As a means to gain understandings of these ideas, a suggestion box was arranged in which the youth could place their ideas anonymously.

Some of the ideas and suggestions were to include more entertaining events where youth can bond closer together.

One of the main points of this event was to reach out to people that YSP could not contact within the last two years. But unfortunately, they could not meet this goal. However, on the bright side, most youth and families seem to have enjoyed this event. Therefore, the event was seen as a success.

The event was to build momentum for YSP New Zealand; to prevent it from declining. YSP is expecting to have another meeting for a peace designer project in due course.