Peace start with me: Special meeting (Benin)

To receive great support IAYSP delegation met with the Central imam of Parakou and the King of Parakou city. These spiritual and traditional leaders play a crucial role in the success of our activities in Parakou. The Mayor of Parakou is a Muslim Believer. Through connexion, the mayor connected IAYSP to a youth leader, who is a member of the city councilor working closely with the city Mayor.

Then, the youth counselor did his best to support the mobilization of participants. The day before the event, the organizer of the activity received a call from the mayor saying he will participate in the event.

The mayor supports the event by given the city hall which renting fee is 300USD. IAYSP only pays 40 USD for electricity.
The King said: “ your message looks like a President of Republic of King’s messages. Thank you for the work you are doing for the nation.”