Peace Road Part 1 #Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic completed the Peace Road 2022 on July 31, 2022, with 268 kilometres travelled and divided into two parts. The event had the participation of 51 people.

In the first part, they travelled 86 kilometres by bicycle, starting from kilometre 0 of the “Independencia” park in the Dominican Republic.


The Peace Road began with opening remarks at 6 am on Sunday, July 31, by Rev. Leonidas Belliard, motivating the participants to give their best in this important Peace Road 2022. Following, Mr Bernardo Cruz gave kind words regarding the purpose of Peace Road. 


The entire journey lasted 8 hours, and throughout the journey, the youth were inspired by the motivational words of Rev. Leonidas Belliard, “Give your best with great devotion.”


The first part of the Peace Road culminated with the recipiency of the Juan Adrián city mayor, Mr Eduardo Cruz, who gave a welcoming message and thanked us for selecting the city of Juan Adrian to complete the first part of the Peace Road.