Peace Road 2021 (Dominican Republic)

With the firm determination to contribute to the peaceful reunification of the Koreas and following the vision of the founders of YSP to establish the international highway for communication by land of the whole world and thus build lasting Peace, the Dominican Republic carried out the Route of Peace.

With the participation of two mayors of the neighboring communities, a councilor, the chief of firefighters, the vice union of the people where the bullfight began, the chief of the National Police of that Town, the national director of the Municipal Police Association, leader of the local firefighters among other authorities of NGO groups and community associations. Therefore, throughout the entire route, the Route for Peace was escorted by the fire truck, the National Police, the municipal police, and all the security corps of the two mayors. The event was decorated with the presence of the regional director of UPF, Dr. Charles Yang, by Rev. Sang Suek Kim, regional director of an organization in Central America and the Caribbean, and the regional director of the Caribbean, Mr. Leonidas Belliard, who spearheaded the activity.

The Route for Peace 2021 began its journey with a total of 185 km, in Santo Domingo to the farm with 80 km on the same day. Another parallel team ran from the Santiago regional center in Santo Domingo until the Harmony and Peace farm, with a 95 km route.
Then the next day, we had the 80 participating cyclists, who, after the opening ceremony, left full of enthusiasm to travel the last part of the route with a total of 25 km, where, in

harmony, were able to finish the last part of the route through “La Paz 22021.”

In the opening section, the Mayor of that Town, Mr. Eduardo Cruz, expressed his emotion, gratitude, and enthusiasm at being able to receive the Route for Peace in his Town. In the same way, the Mayor of the neighboring Town, Mr. Radamés Castro, said that running for Peace is something new for him and that he was preparing to run all the way because the cause for Peace is emotional. Expressing that he appreciated enormously that the Route for Peace would pass by his Town on its way.
The Vice Mayor expressed her motivation to see the presence of distinguished personalities such as Dr. Charles Yang and Rev. Sang Suek Kim because he bought their plane tickets just to come and join this futuristic activity.

For their part, Rev. Kim Sang Suek and Rev. Leonidas Belliard expressed their gratitude to the authorities present.
At the same time, Rev. Kim presented the vision of YSP founders of establishing an international highway for Peace that can connect all countries by land.
The entire route was escorted by the fire truck, two ambulances, the National Police assigned to that Town, the motorcycles of the municipal police, and other activists from groups of cyclists organized by the former Mayor, Mr. Francisco Peralta.

The director of the firefighters, who also invited ten cyclists from that organization, said that he felt very grateful to accompany this run for Peace. He mentioned that this was one of the few times that the fire department moved not to put out the fire but to contribute to world peace.
To finish, they organized a medal ceremony to give to the outstanding cyclists who ran the entire route with enthusiasm. Dr. Charles Yang, the Rev. Sang Suek Kim, the Rev. Leonidas Belliard, together with the two mayors, gave it as they all appreciated the effort made by each cyclist and wanted to show it.
For their part, the cyclists who received the medals wore very pleased faces and posed for the photo with a heart full of hope looking forward to participating in the Route for Peace next year.
IAYSP thanks all authorities who participated in the event. And especially all the cyclists who dedicated their efforts to bring their bicycles and run for PEACE.