Peace One Day and YSP Inaugural Assembly #New Zealand

In cooperation with the Ambassador for Peace, NIX CREW, Universal Peace Federation, Women’s Federation for World Peace, and Youth and Students for Peace, a weekend event (September 21 – 22) was organised titled, ‘Peace One Day’.

The event was held at the Kelston Community Center, the heart of the West Auckland region. Currently, many ethnic communities reside in this region. This was the first time the Auckland City Council sponsored a Peace Federation’s event by providing the venue free of charge due to the valuable cause. There were five main contents on the first day of the event, including climate action for peace, peace bridge ceremony, values that will sustain our future, exhibition of peace activities, and the Youth and Students for the Peace inauguration ceremony.

One of the highlights was the launching of the Youth and Students for Peace in New Zealand. International volunteers from Asia and other regions, together with local youths, created a positive atmosphere and program that allowed senior ambassadors for peace, women’s organization members beyond their generations, and all participants to be encouraged by their vivid energy.

They also presented IAYSP´s innovative approaches for peace through the recognition of leaders who live for sake of others as Ambassadors for Peace, the reconciliation in action through sisterhood bridge ceremony, and their vision of working together with people of different backgrounds. These approaches emboldened the audience and the demonstrations were enthusiastically received.

The second day of the event was an exhibition of peace organizations and food to create a peace festival atmosphere in front of the Kelston Community Center. Community members and Ambassadors for Peace in the area worked collaboratively in creating this program, and participants shared positive feedback.