Peace Designer Fes 2021 (Japan)


IAYSP-Japan organized the event titled Peace designer Fes 2021 for three days. It was under the slogan: Our future drawn by connections.
YSP-Japan made the special website of Peace designer Fes as the main venue of the festival.

With over 20,000 accesses in three days, it was time for each participant to rediscover the charm of the town in which they live and realize the importance of connecting with the local people as a Peace designer.
At the festival, YSP-Japan held a photo contest and a senryu (Japanese Poem) contest on the theme: the charm of the area.
In addition, live broadcasting was held for three days, which is the main event “S!NERGY CROSS” had guests who were active in society. Ambassador. Mr. Manlio Cadelo, who appeared as a guest on the third day, talked about the charm of Japan from the perspective of a diplomat.