Online Meeting of IAYSP in Brazil-Rio Grande do Norte

On October 10, 2020, IAYSP Brazil – Rio Grande do Norte held its first online Youth Character Education meeting and has been going on since then. The event takes place live through Google Meet.
The participants discussed and reflected on various themes. The content was well accepted by the audience that interacted.

Bellow, the topics and the opinions expressed by the participants on them will be listed:

The history of the post-pandemic world.

Gratitude: Young people realized the importance of gratitude daily and were determined to develop such a heart.

Questions for World Reflection: Raised by questions of self-knowledge and worldview. The young people discussed the purpose of life and the attitudes they want to do to contribute to changing the world.

Acts of Kindness: Raised by a video summarized by the phrase “a simple act of kindness creates an endless wave.” Young people discussed the importance of good deeds that, even though they may be small, mark people’s lives and create an infinite cycle of kindness that, who knows, may come back to you.

Kindness: Raised by a video summarized by the phrase “rich is the one who gives the most.” Young people argued about the value of money, a material resource, without genuine inner happiness, which is received by helping others.

Break the wall: Raised by a text about the difficulties we went through in life. The young people argued about seeing struggles in opportunities for their growth and appreciation of their achievements. These weekly youth meetings aim to expose the participants to the vision of education and reflection of values, supporting the UN SDGs on Quality Education.