Online Educational Programs #Bolivia



The program was divided into two parts. The first part, dedicated to the friendship day with a conference entitled, The ABC of Emotional Intelligence given by Eng. Aleida García Alcocer; and in the second part, they projected different talent videos sent by participants. The webinar had a total attendance of fifty people.

HAPPY DAY of Youth Organizations:

A Happy Day was held and began with a brief explanation of each participating organization: about their mission, vision, and objectives, then three dynamics were carried out. During those dynamics, it was possible to socialise and create an atmosphere of trust between the three organizations and all participants and organizers. The three organizations that participated were: CARP, Youth Platform “We are transformation,” and IAYSP – with nineteen participants.

Celebration of Friendship Day:

This activity was hosted to commemorate Friendship Day in which twenty people attended. There was time for reflection on the importance of friendship and games, with food prepared by IAYSP.


They held a webinar to promote composting, speaking about the impact of waste in our world, and the motivation of separating solid waste, techniques, and recommendations for successful composting.
The lecturer was an engineer from the Faculty of Agronomy who actively participated in the entire process by Zoom.

Webinar: The Challenges Of The Population Faced With The New Normal:

A webinar was held on July 11, in commemoration of the International Day of the Population. The purpose of the webinar was to revitalize the activities of IAYSP and sensitize the general public towards the challenges faced by the population in the era of the new normal. Young peace ambassadors and members of IAYSP participated virtually through Zoom.

Character Education Webinar:

On two different occasions, the workshop was held at the national level carried out by the members of IAYSP. Within the program, they included dynamics and socialization time.
Young ambassadors, members of IAYSP, and college students partook virtually over Zoom.