Official Launch of YSP – Central African Republic

On September 1st, 2018, the official YSP-Central African Republic launch ceremony was held at the Central African Basketball Federation (OMNISPORT). The theme of the event was: ” The Role of Youth and Students in Creating a Culture of Sustainable Peace in Central African Republic ”

In total, 97 people participated in the ceremony. Among the participants was the Vice-President of Bangui City Special Council, Mr. Guillaume Ngobo, some 4 national delegates, 3 prominent leaders of youth groups, as well as youth and students.

It was an unforgettable experience for the participants as they learnt about the sexual purity, a virtue that should be cultivated before marriage and yet is not included in the National School Program.

“I congratulate the Youth & Student for Peace leadership initiatives in the Central African Republic. In your statement, you said that young people must take responsibility. And I say to you that young people are the agents of development. They should not let themselves be manipulated by self-seeking politicians who try to exploit them but should take responsibility. They must fight. The youth are the future of our country; we are called to raise a generation of conscientious and upright youth. In other words, the YSP has some work to do. I will be ready to lend you a hand. The President of Bangui City Special Council is a young person like you; he is ready to support such an initiative.” – Mr. Guillaume Ngobo

In addition, New Hope choir presented a song which touched the audience. In particular, the Vice-President of Bangui City Special Council was deeply touched and he suggested that the song be popularized. This event was covered by National Television and Radio as well as two of the biggest newspapers.

Prepared by Mayte Mamabo Zita Sec. General YSP-CAR