Official Launch of the Fight Against COVID-19 #Liberia

Location: Zubah town, Duport road, Paynesville
Date: April 30, 2020
Partner: Restoring Lives Ministries International (RLMI)
# of participants: 25

On April 30, 2020, IAYSP Liberia launched the program, “Fight against COVID-19.” Restoring Lives Ministries International (RLMI) was the main collaborator, which fully sponsored and partnered with IAYPS.

During the event, there was singing and a performance by a Minister. Members of the Candlelight Christian Institute, together with the President, the Communication Director, and the Service Program Director of YSP Liberia acknowledged the efforts of RLMI and declared their determination for their ongoing efforts in “Mama Liberia,” their homeland.  

New stickers were presented and placed onto buckets that they planned to distribute to the disabled, widows, at-risk youth, and orphanages in four cities within Montserrado, along with the tide soap and Clorox that were collected.

The Media House was present as well, and the President of IAYSP Liberia explained their plan, target, and areas where activities would be carried out.  The vision of reaching the fifteen sub-divisions of Liberia and others was also expressed. Lastly, official photos were taken together as a way to record the first of many programs and activities to come.