S!NERGY x Cambodia (National level)

IAYSP-Cambodia organized a Sinergy Public Speaking Program on the theme “The Role of Youth in Resolving Conflicts and Sustainable Development Goals: Toward a Peaceful world of interdependence, Mature Prosperity, and Universal Values” on November 21st of 2020, at the IAYSP-Cambodia Office.

This event was shared on Facebook, reaching 1,483 people and 786 Views, together with around 20 participants on Facebook Live.

Public Speaking aims to encourage Cambodian youth and students to share projects and innovative ideas. Through this program, all the participants can introduce their work for sustainable development and Peaceful coexistence in society. Only two people won the program; the First Prize was present to Ms. Heng Gachleap, and the second prize to Ms. Yoeung Sreynit.