S!NERGY x Benin (National level)

On 7th November, IAYSP-BENIN organized the national selection of S!NERGY 2020 at the Youth House of Sakete City.

In partnership with the Mayor’s office, The Department of Volunteer, Entrepreneurship, and Innovations of Abomey Calavi University and National Youth Organization of Plateau, this event mobilized VIPs such as the Mayors of the City, some Mayor Assistants, and Representatives of the City.

The Mayor gave a strong opening message that invites all youth of his city and around to join the IAYSP program so they can learn and have many experiences for their future life and use their talent to serve their community. He also called all youth of the country to join the realization of Peace Projects, so they develop a public mind and professional skills. Professor KONFO Christian represented The University of agriculture, who was the President of judges. He reminded all participants and especially the candidates about the selection criteria. He finds big hope in IAYSP to solve many problems in the country based on the peace designer program and S!NERGY program.

The Amazing thing is the representative of the President of the National Assembly. That Lady was so happy about the work of IAYSP and encouraged IAYSP to continue working for youth for the bright future of the City and Nation. She promises to give a report to the National President and invite him for Youth Heroes Medals Award and Price giving ceremony to Winners, which will be in the first week of December.