National Campaign Adopting Trees #Paraguay

On August 23, 2019 from 1:00pm, at the Bernardino Caballero School of the City of Ita, YSP Paraguay cooperated with the Salvemos la Laguna Foundation, the Municipality of Ita and the managers, teachers and three hundred seventy students of the Bernardino Caballero College to gather for the National Campaign, “Let’s Adopt a Tree”. Within the framework of the national campaign led by YSP, the event focused on the importance of trees and forests, and the coaching of the culture of the heart through the Hyo Jeong education.

The supervisor of the area, Prof, Lic., gave the welcoming words and thanked that our organization has such initiatives relating to the education of young people and the protection and improvement of the environment. Also, YSP President Dr. Roque Antonio Benitez shared the vision of the organization as an initiative dedicated to the education and growth of youth leadership. Lecturer Professor Félix Coronel Fariña also shared a play on the importance of pure love and preparation for marriage.

In addition, the President of the NGO Prof. Oscar Pintos presented the joint work that has been carried out in conjunction with YSP for more than two years. Following, an environmental awareness conference was presented by Engineer Rivas. After the main act of the program, the delegation moved to the plaza where the plantings of three hundred trees occurred in the holes prepared by municipal staff. This activity was accompanied by a delegation of students and volunteers.